Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication2017-04-02T18:28:10+00:00

We provide metal fabrication services for structural products, as well as HVAC ventilation. Our services are used by companies within the manufacturing, food production, robotics, and automotive industries, among others.

Some of the examples of our metal fabrication work include:

  • Safety Barrier Systems
  • Ventilation Hoods/Dampers
  • Robotic Mounting Fixtures
  • Production Equipment Modifications
  • Control Cabinets with Specialty Coatings
  • Industrial Parts Carts

We can fabricate anything from the simplest strainer baskets to complex design and build projects. For more information about our capabilities or to talk with us about a specific project, please email us at or call 256-350-1718.

See a video of a paint skimmer design/build fabrication project that we completed for a customer: